• Nutella Bread Pudding

    I used to like bread pudding but ever since the first time I ate this recipe, I have never enjoyed any other bread pudding again. So, you have been warned. Mostly it is because most other bread puddings don’t have chocolate. I mean is a dessert even a dessert if it doesn’t have chocolate? I… Read More

    Nutella Bread Pudding
  • Front Porch Fall Decor

    Okay, it is still going to reach 107 degrees this week but I am so ready for Fall. If I start pulling out our Fall decorations, wearing jeans, and drinking hot Starbucks coffee instead of iced, it will come right? I am pretty sure I read that if you do all of those things and… Read More

    Front Porch Fall Decor
  • Ice Cube Paint

    Guys, this heat gets me every year. Just sneaks up and smothers me. Another thing that has snuck up on me is my work load. I’m definitely working more than the 40 hour weeks that I used to at my corporate gig. I’m not complaining but having the girls with me during the day definitely… Read More

    Ice Cube Paint
  • Unicorn Cookie Dough

    I have been craving cookie dough! Like straight up just day dreaming about buying a roll of premade cookie dough and eating it like a push pop (by myself). But we all have been warned by our mommas that it would give us a tummy ache. So, I found the next best thing which is… Read More

    Unicorn Cookie Dough
  • Frozen Treasure Hunt

      As far as H.O.P. (Hands Off Parenting) goes, the ice cube treasure hunt was by far the most successful activity we have ever done. It also was the easiest set up and clean-up. Note, that this does need to be prepared at least 24 hours in advanced. (I may have given Mila a chocolate… Read More

    Frozen Treasure Hunt